Golem  v0.1.1
Generic Operating system Libraries for Embedded Multitasking
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list_t Struct Reference

The doubly-linked-list datatype. More...

#include <glm_list.h>

Data Fields

uint_base_t length

Detailed Description

The doubly-linked-list datatype.


Definition at line 53 of file glm_list.h.

Field Documentation

list_item_t* first

Pointer to first list_item_t in list

Definition at line 55 of file glm_list.h.

list_item_t* last

Pointer to last list_item_t in list

Definition at line 56 of file glm_list.h.

uint_base_t length

Number of items on the list

Definition at line 57 of file glm_list.h.

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