Golem  v0.1.1
Generic Operating system Libraries for Embedded Multitasking
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* Example for top-level usage of Golem
* This example shows how Golem could be used.
* It is assumed that the user has configured Golem using its configuration
* files, e.g. glm_conf.h and glm_conf_tasks.h
/* INCLUDES *******************************************************************/
#include "glm/glm.h" // Provides Golem's functions glm_init() and glm_run()
#include "timer.h" // Provides the required user-function timer_enable()
int main (void)
// Make sure you have sufficient heap-memory to support your software system
// and initialize Golem.
// Initialize device and use tick_inc() as timer callback
// Hand over execution to the scheduler. Make sure you have your tasks
// registered in the configuration file: golem/config.h
// This point will never be reached
return 0;